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Marshall County
Emergency Management Agency

“One Team-One Plan-All Hazards”

Entire 2009 Mitigation Plan as compressed file.

2009 Mitigation Plan 22,779KB

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Cover and Title Page 201KB
Contents 125KB
Executive Summary 91KB
Chapter 1 - Introduction 55KB
Chapter 2 - Prerequisites 54KB
Chapter 3 - Community Profiles 1,529KB
Chapter 4 - Planning Process 513KB
Chapter 5 - Risk Assessment 15,815KB
Chapter 6 - Mitigation Strategy 718KB
Chapter 7 - Plan Maintenance Process 70KB
Appendix A - Federal Requirements for Local 55KB
Appendix B - Community Mitigation 95KB
Appendix C - 2004 Plan Implementation Status 204KB
Appendix D - HMPC Hazard Identification and Ratings 132KB
ppendix E - Hazard Profile Data 440KB
Appendix F - Alternative Mitigation Measures 203KB
Appendix G - Committee Meeting Documentation 1,080KB
Appendix H - Community Involvement Documentation 1,961KB
Appendix I - Multi - Jurisdictional Participation Activities< 51KB
Appendix J - Adopting Resolution 42KB