Marshall County Cooling Centers Please take time to fill out the Special Needs Request Form located here and the Threat and Harzard Identification Assessment Community Survey located here.
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Please take time to fill out the Threat and Harzard Identification Assessment Community Survey here

One of the major “end products” of this study will be development of a comprehensive emergency management plan. Experience has shown that lives can be saved, damage to property can be reduced significantly, and economic recovery can be accelerated by consistently building safer and stronger buildings, strengthening existing infrastructures, enforcing building codes, and making the proper preparations before a disaster occurs.

Participation is voluntary but very much needed for the development of our emergency management plan. It is vital to the development of these plans that we include your input so that we better serve you during future disasters.

Register a safe room


The tornado's path went through the Cherrywood subdivision off South Edmonston
Road just west of downtown. -Huntsville Times photo by Eric Shultz

When tornado season comes, it is important to prepared before the storms hit by making sure you have a safe place to go in case of severe weather.

Being underground or in a safe room is the best place to be during a tornado, but what happens if one hits and you're left trapped by debris? To avoid that, officials said it's a good idea to register your shelter.

When a safe room is registerd, if a tornado hits, search and rescue crews can immediately access where shelters or safe rooms are located. The safe room database kept by Marshall County EMA allows search and rescue crews to do that, even amidst the chaos.