Marshall County - Long Term Recovery

Finance Donations
$ + In-Kind

  • Responsible for LTR finacial planing
  • Seeks in-kind, cash donations and grants
  • Coordinates with funders

Case Management

  • Qualifies clients for LTR services
  • Completes duplication of benifits check
  • Assists clients with recovery plans
  • Refers clients to agencies to match needs with services

Volunteer Coordination

  • Markets for volunteer groups locally and nationally
  • Coordinates with construction coordinator to match volunteer skills with project needs
  • Assists volunteer groups with local logistics (lodging, meals, etc.)


  • Canvases community
  • Registers clients with unmet needs
  • Turns case files over to case managers
  • estimates total $ amount of repairs

Construction Coordination

  • Estimates home repair costs
  • Plans project and oversees construction
  • Works closely with case managers and volunteer coordinators

Crisis Counseling

  • Assists individuals with emotional needs
  • Refers clients to LTRC for material assistance